Lambda Pi in the 1970s

Lambda Pis in 1970s in front of 3rd & Ivy fraternity house; 1973 Sheriff Campaign for Big Chuck Seufferlein’s rugby campaign.

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2002 Reunion Pre-Party

2002 Reunion Pre-Party of 60s Alums at John D’Anna’s house

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PI House Mid 80s

Pre-Keg Photo

Lambda Pi's gift $100,000 to CSUC

A proud Moment with more to come

80th Reunion Group Photo

Almendra Winery and Distillery Durham CA 05/04/2026

78th Post Meeting at the Oasis

Post Pandemic Revival!

Delbert's Sendoff 11/04/2023

Ron Solomon, Cliff Bates, Craig Bates, Larry Silva, Jim Shaw, Stacy Schafer, Rob Kiehm, Brian Whiting, Pat Geraghty, not pictures Jason Ensenberger, Bruce Capal

75th Reunion

May, 2019 Annual Alumni Meeting: alumni from left to right: Bill Rickman, Joe Belden, Rod Haas, Keith Billeter, Gary Moe, Roger Levy

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May, 2019 Annual Alumni Meeting

May, 2019 Annual Alumni Meeting: two alumni: Delbert Raby & Dave Stathem

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Lambda Pi Fun Meter

Lambda Pi Fun Meter at the 75th Reunion

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79th Reunion - Singing in the Rain

Videos of Lambda Pi 75th Anniversary

75th anniversary celebration of the founding of Lambda Pi Fraternity at Chico State recognizing the Founding Members of the Fraternity in 1944 and the nine University Distinguished Alumni held on May 11, 2019.

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May, 1966 Pioneer Week Quad Project

Raising of the Lambda Pi oil derrick on campus for the Wildcat Waller Sherriff campaign. 1st place in quad project.

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October, 2002 Alumni Reunion

Photo taken on the steps of the Cedar Street fraternity house.

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Lambda Pi Alumni Association

University video outlining the value, opportunity and importance of being a Chico State Lambda Pi.

Eighty years of contributions to ourselves, school and community.