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Official Fraternity Sponsor, Lambda-Pi Alumni

August 20, 2022, Patrick Ranch Chico-Durham

The 2nd Annual Chico SummerFest features
Boston and Pat Benatar Tribute Bands
along with several fun local bands and a DJ.

New BOG Introduction

What a great time in Chico last weekend for the Lambda Pi 78th annual reunion! The Party at the Oasis Friday night with the Omega Chi’s was off the hook. We were honored with the big smile of Delbert Raby all weekend. The annual meeting on Saturday positive and productive. The brotherhood is happy and healthy. Sit tight and join in a rejuvenation of the of the Lambda Pi...

In Memory of Don Young

Former Lambda Pi and Alaskan Congressmen Don Young has passed away at age 88.
Don “Rabbit” Young  S- 52 will lie in state in the National Statuary Hall at the U.S. Capital.
Don Young was one of Lambda Pi’s nine Distinguished CSUC Alumni.
Honored in 2006. His name is on our Lambda Pi Campus Memorial Bench.
The BOG and the Brothers of Lambda Pi honor and...