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Humor Stories submitted by Lambda Pi Alumni.

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The Floating Eye

Location: Oak Park Fraternity House - Chico (1966-1967)

In was a beautiful warm, sunny day at the Lambda Pi Oak Park Fraternity House and brothers were drinkning beer and jumping off the roof into the pool for entertainment. Brother Larry Wolf (Rhett) Fall, 1964 from Richmond jumped off the roof but when he surfaced in the pool, he discovered that his glass eye...Read More

The Red Baron Rides

Location: Oak Park House 1966 timeframe

Featuring: Brother Don Brennan. Fall, 1965

It was a warm spring Saturday and the brothers were gathered around the fraternity house pool, playing volleyball, and enjoying a keg when Brother Don suddenly stood and raised his index finger to the sky to ‘check the wind’. Quietly the other brothers stood at attention...Read More