Revised Legacy Scholarship Program

Special Notice: The BOG and the Scholarship Committee led by brothers Lynn DeArmond (Spring, 1972), Craig Bates (Fall, 1981) and Brian Whitney (Fall, 1969) are announcing effective this date, revised guidelines for the Legacy Lambda Pi BELS Scholarships available on a one-time basis to legacies of Lambda Pi Alumni.  Please review the guidelines below and if you have a legacy who would like to apply for a scholarship, please have them submit the proper documentation or questions to the committee via email to brother Lynn DeArmond at:, brother Craig Bates at: and brother Brian Whitney at:

Download and fill out application here.

Please insure you have included all the information below in your application email to the Scholarship Committee:

  • Application form complete
  • Letter of application outlining your qualifications.
  • Documentation of enrollment in college.
  • Documentation of relationship to Lambda Pi legacy.
  • Documentation of membership in fraternity/sorority or athletic team if this applies.

Scholarship deadline is on or before October 1 of the year the scholarship is being awarded.

Scholarship Guidelines:

Lambda Pi B.E.L.S. Scholarship, Golden Valley Bank

In order to be eligible an applicant must be a sophomore, junior, senior or post graduate student and meet at least one of Criteria 1or 2 and at least one Criteria 3-7.   Applicants must submit a complete application form, (download from website), letter of application outlining their qualifications along with supporting documentation which includes proof they are currently enrolled in a college in the form of a copy of the applicant’s registration and or current class list to his/her college and verification they are a legacy of a Lambda Pi alum. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Note: The Lambda Pi member related to the legacy must be on the registered list of alum located on the official Lambda Pi website.  Verification of relationship to the alumni can be achieved by birth certificate linage, written documentation by at least two Alumni members verifying the relationship or a notarized statement from the alumni member documenting the relationship.

One or more $1,000 scholarship/s will be available each year as determined by the Lambda Pi Alumni Association.

The following criteria has been established to select those who receive these scholarships.  The applicant will be evaluated on the following criteria:

The applicant must meet one of the criteria 1- 2, and at least one or more of criteria 3-7. Once an applicant has met a criterion and no other applicant has met that criteria that applicant will be awarded the number 1 ranking.  If no applicants meet Criteria 1, then Criteria number 2 will be applied. If an applicant has not met criteria 1 or 2, they are not eligible.

If it is determined that an applicant is not qualified for the scholarship, they will not receive a ranking.

In cases where there is a tie between two or more applicants, the scholarship tie breaking criteria will be applied. Once an applicant meets a Tie breaking criteria and no other applicant does, that applicant will receive the higher ranking.


  1. The applicant is the child legacy of a Lambda Pi Fraternity alum.
  2. The applicant is the grandchild legacy of a Lambda Pi alumni.
  3. Legacy is enrolled as a student in good standing at CSU, Chico.
  4. Legacy is currently enrolled as a student in good standing at another four-year college or university.
  5. Legacy is currently enrolled as a student in good standing at Butte Community College.
  6. Legacy is currently enrolled as a student in good standing at another community college.
  7. Legacy is currently enrolled as a student in good standing at a certified trade school.


  1. The legacy that meets the most criteria 1-7
  2. The Legacy is a member of a Greek organization recognized by their college.
  3. The Legacy is a member of a varsity athletic team recognized by their college.
  4. The Legacy with the most Units
  5. The Legacy with the highest GPA