The 60’s

This 17 minute video was made by Dan Ostrander during Pioneer Week in May, 1966 and consists of the building of the Lambda Pi Quad Project Oil Derrick, marching the derrick from the Oak Park fraternity house to campus, the historic raising of the derrick on campus in front of 100s of students, and finishes off with brother Bob Toffenfini portraying Little Nell in a pink Tutu and umbrella’.  Partial list of members on the video include:  Lani Waller, Bob Toffenfini, Bob Kohen, John D’Anna, Brian Lomax, Steve Nelson, Dave Davis, Chris Gordon, Chris Jarrett, Jim Blazer, Bill Read, Doug Brimm, Gary Nightingale, Dick Young, Marsh Clarke, Rod Haas, Mike Blackie, Mike Sherk, Carl Hailey, Pat Byrne, Bill Patrick, Bill Schuller, Bill Wookie, Dennis Leary, George Purvis, Don Silberstein, John Nichols, John Hair, Dave Jury, Bob Streifford, Pete Bourdett, Jimmy Harris, Dave Girsch, Dennis Chappin, and Mike Strand’.


1969 Pioneer Week