Upload Photos

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If you have photos that you'd like to see uploaded onto our site, please use the following instructions and our webmaster will upload them to our site.

  • Email the photos to: lambdapifraternity@gmail.com
  • Include photo description below:
    • Photo description (event, location, etc.)
    • Date or Approximate Year of photo (if known)
    • Names of people in photo (if known)
    • Your name and pledge class
  • Accepted file types: .jpg; .jpeg; .png; .gif

A maximum of 5 photos allowed per email. If you have more than 5 photos, please write another email with an additional 5 photos or please attach all photos in one email in a zip-file.

Instructions for zip-file below (with screenshots included):

1. Highlight over multiple photos (or all the photos you'd like to select). 

2. Right click the images, and click "Send to", then "Compressed (zipped) folder".

3. Locate the compressed folder, then create a new email.

4. Attach the created zip-file of your photos into your email and send the email to lambdapifraternity@gmail.com.

If you're using an Apple Computer (Mac OS X), please follow this guide on how to create a zip-file: https://osxdaily.com/2012/01/10/how-to-zip-files-in-mac-os-x/