The Floating Eye

The Floating Eye

Location: Oak Park Fraternity House - Chico (1966-1967)

In was a beautiful warm, sunny day at the Lambda Pi Oak Park Fraternity House and brothers were drinkning beer and jumping off the roof into the pool for entertainment.  Brother Larry Wolf (Rhett) Fall, 1964 from Richmond jumped off the roof but when he surfaced in the pool, he discovered that his glass eye had popped out and was floating in the pool! 

Rhett got out of the pool and was standing on the side looking for his eye when suddenly Brother Dode Thompson walked past an open 2nd story window carrying his rifle to go target shooting in the orchard. Dode yelled out: 'Stand Back'  and started to shoot at Rhett's glass eye bobbing in the pool. Rhett was screaming for Dode to stop but Dode kept firing with bullets zinging into the pool.  Fortunately, Dode missed Rhett's eye every time and Rhett was able to retrieve the eye and re-position it; the good news is that we all learned that glass eyes have a built-in bubble for floatations just for situations like this one.

At the Monday night frat meeting, Rhett called a Grievance on Dode for shooting at his eye but the group never  got around to vote on the grievance because they couldn't stop laughing.

Submitted By: Mike Strand – Fall, 1964

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