A Message from the President

A Message from the President

Lambda Pi Alumni Association

Chico State

225 Summit Rd. La Verne, CA 91750

Citizenpat@sbcglobal.net 949 244-6107

A Message from the President

Hello Brothers, this is Pat Geraghty F-82. I am the new Lambda Pi Alumni Association President. I have committed to lead our group thru our 80th reunion in 2024. Here are my goals.

  1. Increase the activity, engagement, fun and turn out of the brotherhood.

  Yaa know, pump it up!

  1. Further stamp our legacy as Lambda Pi’s in Chico, Chico State, US and worldwide.
  2. Throw a kick ass 80th Reunion. Save the date May 4, 2024
  3. Bump up the balance of the Lambda Pi Scholarship Fund.

2021 What We Have Done

Offered tribute to fallen brother, CSUC bench honoree, AK Congressmen Don Young S-52

Donated $1,000 to Calder fire victim Wally Nakabashi F-72

Represented Lambda Pi at the CSUC Sufferline Sales Event

Purchased new banner+ Lambda Pi swag, hats, pens, cups etc. Given out to all meeting attendees

Updated and modernized our banking, paid all debts

Nudged the University to completely refurbish the Lambda Pi Distinguished Alumni Bench, no charge

Awarded two $1,000 Lambda Pi Alumni Association Scholarships to children of alumni

Refreshed Website and added a secure tax-deductible donation page

Stuff from Last Meeting

Went over income and finances

Created 22 yr. budget to cover costs until our 100th anniversary in 2044

Passed motion to move bulk of savings to high-rate FDIC insured savings account. 1k annual income

Reviewed balance & partnership with the Golden Valley Bank Foundation & Lambda Pi Scholarship Fund

Announced Lambda Pi Street Sign Program to further stamp our legacy. Presented signs to past BOG

Approved motion to move meeting to the 2nd Saturday in May when it coincides with Mother’s Day

Agreed to attend and be an official sponsor of Chico Summer Fest Aug. 20th, 2022

Minutes on website.

Most of us can say that our association with Lambda Pi and Chico State were some of the best times ever. Let’s keep it going! Lambda Pi will never die if we stay connected, keep in touch, and participate. Check out the website, read the monthly emails, watch us on Facebook. Call and text each other, show up as much as you can. We have a talented BOG who volunteer to serve as fiduciaries for all of you. Any questions, problems, complaints, suggestions, Ideas, let us know.

We’re Chico Legends and were going to act like it!

With Brothers Like You,

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