Letter to Alumni After June 2007 to Deactivate Active Group

Letter to Alumni After June 2007 to Deactivate Active Group

June 8, 2007

Re:  Meeting of BOG and Interested Alumni

Dear Alumni of Lambda Pi:

Here is a follow-up report of the results of the meeting of the Lambda Pi Alumni Association BOG and interested in Chico last Saturday.  The meeting was held on campus at Sapp Hall and lasted approximately 2 and ½ hours.

We were pleased to have 18 alums present at the meeting including one of our Founding Members, Delbert Raby:

Delbert Raby F44
Bob Kohen   F64
Charlie Moss S56
Pete Wells F81
Ken Lange   F64
Chris Smith F85
Grant Codiga  F79
Randy Mora F80
Ron Solomon S84
Rod Hass S63
Stacy Schaefer  S72
Louie Andreini S84
Randy Yergenson S80
Brad Hall F80
Mike  Strand F64
Jack  Dufour F66
Dan Ostrander S65
Gray Masich F67

A summary of the meeting follows

Randy Mora, BOG Treasurer, gave an overview of the finances of the Alumni Association including the house.  Drew Calandrella, University VP of Student Affairs, addressed the group with a discussion of the University’s position regarding fraternities and future direction.  The message was positive regarding fraternities going forward and Drew emphasized the University’s commitment to support and help grow fraternities at Chico State but within the confines of today’s legal climate and attitudes.

The discussion with Drew was lively and interactive with several suggestions being made by alums for consideration by the University.  The discussion with Drew gave the group a good foundation on which to discuss key issues of our alumni group, mainly, what do we do with the house and the active group especially with the fact that no active member wants to live in the house.  Also, the University received excellent input from alumni group and I think impressed the administration with our level of interest and support.

After much discussion and debate, a motion was made to remove the Lambda Pi letters from the house and convert the house to a non-fraternity student rental property.  The motion passed unaminously.  “After the meeting, some of the alums meet with the active president and two actives and informed them of our decision; surprisingly, the actives were fine with our decision and support it.

On Tuesday, this week, several alums meet at the house and removed all Lambda Pi memorabilia, the locks were changed, and our property manager has been instructed to begin preparing the house for rental.

IMPORTANT:  Several alums and actives plan to meet at the house (432 Cedar St.) tomorrow (Saturday, June 9) around mid-morning to begin clean up activities and discuss what modifications need be made to make the house into an acceptable non-fraternity rental property (our funds are very limited so it will be only the bare minimum).


We also decided to move ahead to place the ownership of the house under an LLC.

Further discussion revealed that the current active group about five individuals. Ideas were discussed on how to increase numbers. Charlie Moss will head a committee to look into recruiting new members.

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