Letter to Alumni June 2007

Letter to Alumni June 2007

Brothers of Lambda Pi:

All alumni of Lambda Pi are invited to Chico on Saturday, June 2 to attend a meeting of our Lambda Pi Alumni Association and BOG.  The meeting will be held on campus at Sapp Hall, the University Alumni House located at the corner of 3rd and Normal St.

Besides sharing traditional brotherhood, we ask your support in joining us to discuss several issues that are important to your fraternity alumni organization.  Key issues to be discussed include:

  • Active Group:  What can be done to assist the Active Group at Chico State going forward?
  • 432 Cedar Fraternity House Issues:  What direction should our Alumni Association take with our fraternity house?  Should we continue as we are, sell it, or convert it to non-fraternity student rental housing.
  • Future Alumni Reunions:  What direction should the BOG take with regard to future alumni reunions?

To help focus our meeting and provide the BOG and alumni attending the meeting with up to date information on the current state of fraternities at the University in today’s environment, I have arranged for Drew Calandrella, University Vice President for Student Affairs to address our meeting informally for 20 to 30 minutes.  I have asked Drew to comment on the University’s current position toward fraternities and going forward and answer questions from alumni.

As alumni of Lambda Pi, we each have fond memories of our days at Chico State and in Lambda Pi Fraternity.
Brothers, we need your help, your ideas, and your support in determining where our Alumni Association goes from here and what role we play on campus and what we do with our fraternity house.


Date:        Saturday, June 2
Time:        11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Place:    Sapp Hall –  238 Normal St (corner of 3rd and Normal - across from Normal St. Bar)  Parking is available next to Sapp Hall or on the street

Following the meeting on campus we will adjourn to the Oasis Bar and Grill for brotherhood, food and drink.

Please contact other alums you know and invite them to join you on a ‘road trip’ back to Chico.

With Brothers Like You…

Mike Strand (Fall – 1964)
BOG President – Lambda Pi Alumni Association
Email:  mikestrand@earthlink.net

P.S.  Don’t forget to update your info. on the Lambda Pi website:  www.lambdapi.org  Click on ‘Members’ then ‘Update’, find your listing and then go to Right column and click ‘Update’

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