Letter to Alumni June 2008

Letter to Alumni June 2008

Lambda Pi Alumni:

The following is an update on your Alumni Association:

  • Alumni Association President:  I am pleased to announce that alum Larry Silva has graciously accepted the position of President of Lambda Pi Alumni Association effective immediately as I am no longer in a position to travel from Texas to California.  Larry pledged Lambda Pi in the Fall 1982 and has attended numerous alumni activities over the last several years.  Please join me in welcoming Larry as our new Alumni President.  I have appreciated the opportunity to serve as your Alumni President and look forward to continued involvement and participation in alumni events.
    • Larry has several ideas about how to move the Alumni group forward and desires to hear from you regarding your thoughts, ideas, etc.  He recently completed a double Masters degree in Human Resources and Public Management and works for the College of Alameda as Job Developer/Vocational Counselor and as a Consultant for the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.
    • Larry’s contact information is:
      Phone:  (707) 738-5971
      Email:    silva.larry@sbcglobal.net ((best way to contact Larry)
      Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 2892, Napa, CA  94558
  • Fraternity House - 432 Cedar
    • Owned by the Lambda Pi Alumni Association
    • Debt:  approximately $45,000 owed to several alumni; Louis Andreini being the primary alum who loaned us $35,000 to finance the house and Randy Mora who graciously loaned the alumni association money when needed last year to repair the house.
    • In May last year, your Alumni Board of Directors called a special meeting of the alumni association members to discuss problems with the active group and our fraternity house after the active group informed the Board that none of the actives wanted to live in the house in the Fall semester of last year.   Eighteen alumni attended the meeting on campus on June 2nd that included a discussion with the University’s VP of Student Affairs regarding the future of Greek organizations at Chico State.  The Alumni in attendance discussed in depth the issues involving the actions of the active group and the status of our primary asset, the 432 Cedar House.
    • The house had not been fully occupied  and the occupants had not consistently paid rent  It was also clear that the small active group was not in a position to pay rent sufficient to cover the debt service and overhead (taxes, insurance & maintenance)  The BOD voted unanimously to take the house back from the active group.
    • Immediately following the alumni meeting, the alumni officers met with several active group members and their officers and informed them that the alumni were taking the house back.  The meeting with the actives was cordial and they agreed to help locate members who had possessions (or junk) on the property and to remove it.
    • Of primary concern was safeguarding the house asset and Lambda Pi memorabilia and getting the house prepared to rent out to protect our Alumni Association’s principal asset.   Randy Mora, Louis Andreini, and Ron Solomon led the effort to clean and repair the house.  A great deal of trash was hauled away; the inside of the house was completely painted, necessary repairs made, and new appliances installed.
    • This group of alumni and our property manager were able to rent the house just before the Fall 2007 semester to five rent paying male students.
    • The rent has now been increased to $1,950/mo as of June 2008 and now provides adequate cash flow to pay the property taxes, fire insurance and maintenance on the house.   Randy feels that the cash flow from tenant rentals will now begin to grow and put the association in a better cash positive situation going forward.
  • Active Group:
    • The active group basically disbanded so there is no Lambda Pi Fraternity active at Chico State.  While it is unfortunate, there was little else that could be done with the remaining active group.
    • The environment at Chico State and other universities regarding Greek organizations is and will continue to be a difficult situation for even a strong active group to survive.
  • Bottom-line: the alumni association is in good shape to support our Lambda Pi Alumni.  We have equity in the 432 Cedar house that will help the alumni association continue for many years to come.  Of key importance to you is:
    • A central website where alums can reconnect with fellow Lambda Pis and enjoy a renewed friendship.
    • Holding future Lambda Pi Alumni Reunions to enable alums the opportunity to get together with old fraternity brothers and ‘relive’ some of the memorable events of our college days and being a Lambda Pi.
    • NOTE:  Please go to the Lambda Pi Alumni webpage (www.lambdapi.org) and click on ‘Members List’, then click ‘Update/Change Contact Information’ to review & update your contact information including your email address.  You do this by scrolling to the far Right column and click ‘Update’ and you will see the contact info boxes (you must put something in EACH box so if you don’t have some of the info, just type ‘any’ characters in the box until it’s accepted).
      • Please add or update the contact information for any other alums for whom you have current mailing, phone, or email information.
      • It’s important to keep our alumni list updated and you can help adding the brothers you know.  This became evident when last month I was in Maui and Kauai and ended visiting with FOUR Lambda Pi alums whose info is on the website.  In Kauai, I visited brothers Jim Harris and George Edgar (‘Animal’) both long time residents of Kauai.  In Maui, I got together with brothers Rico Brazil and Gary Masick and played golf & relived our Lambda Pi experiences.  It was great seeing all four of them and catching up.
  • New Lambda Pi Alumni President Larry Silva
    • I’ve asked our new Alumni President Larry Silva to add his comments to this communication.   Please join me in welcoming Larry as our new Alumni Association President and provide him with your ideas, suggestions, and support.

      To All Members of Lambda Pi,

      I am pleased and excited about the opportunity to serve as Lambda Pi’s Alumni President and look forward to hearing from the alumni group regarding strategic planning efforts, development of events and increased involvement in the decision-making process of our beloved fraternity.  One of my first tasks upon taking office will be to organize and develop a stronger communication system for all alumni to become more active and voice their opinions in some of the issues and activities regarding the fraternity house and the alumni association.

      Mike Strand was instrumental in overseeing and maintaining the present status of the fraternity and should be commended on his fine work and effort.  I will have some big shoes to fill and will follow in Mike’s footsteps in maintaining the strong bond of brotherhood and pride in our organization.  We as brothers should be proud of all off our accomplishments both when we were active members in college and today as alumni in our present life situations.  Many of our brothers have made us proud with their successes; while others who have passed on should also be remembered fondly as their legacy is what makes Lambda Pi so strong today.

      In the coming months, I plan to meet with the members of the board of governors to discuss and develop a strategic plan for the coming year.  As we all know, 2009 will be our 65th anniversary and should be celebrated as a special occasion.  I look forward to any suggestions and ideas regarding the type of event that should be held and would welcome any alumni that wishes to participate in the planning and implementation contact me in the near future.

      In closing, I would like to thank all my brothers for the opportunity to serve you and the fraternity as your new alumni president.  I am honored to have been considered and will promise to do my best in serving the fraternity and its best interests.  I am confident that our alumni association will grow and prosper with the increased participation of new and present members and I foresee many positive steps and special times ahead.  Together as a group we can accomplish our goals by always remembering that loyalty prevails and our brotherhood is too strong for us to fail.


      Lawrence (Larry) F. Silva
      Fall 82


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